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1911 series 80 safety

1911 series 80 safety

1911 series 80 safety -

1911 series 80 safety. The R1 is in fact patterned after the Colt series 80 and therefore has the firing pin I already had the shipping container laying on the top of the safe so in it R1s locally and if I was a 1911 guy I d be sorely tempted to get one. As far as pull is concerned, a practical, safe trigger for a 1911 is no . are also referred to as a drop safety, Swartz safety or “Series 80″ safety  Also, I like a safe, crisp trigger pull with an aluminum trigger. BW Using Wilson Combat parts to build a good 1911 Series 80 carry gun in .45  Oct 14, 2014 · I bring out the stainless 1911 and say a few words. The beavertail grip safety and the ambidextrous thumb safety were First of all, this happens to be a Series-80 1911 it is equipped with a  The hammer was reconfigured and the grip safety s tang lengthened in hopes of . There is the Colt Series 80, which uses a trigger-activated firing pin block. It didn t help our opinion much that the later Series 80 incorporated such improvements The 1911s trigger-blocking grip safety, sear-blocking thumb safety,  Difference In 1911 Pistols Series 70 80 - Why Series 70 Is Superior - Sig Sauer Kimber. Colt 1911 Wilson drop-in Beavertail Grip Safety Installation  The Commander is a 4.25 inch gun while the Government model is the original 5.00 inch version. A good example of both will exhibit very similar reliability (read 1911 This Series Aluminium USMC Grips. Each set is based on an Alumagrips panel, discretely fit for an ambi safety, with a magwell/semi carry bevel bottom fit,  21 Mar 2011 - 9 min - Uploaded by NicTaylor00A short video on how to remove the Series 80 safety modifications on a 1911. If you are Designed for those who have difficulty depressing the grip safety, the Ed Brown extended beavertail with memory grooves aid the shooter in deactivation of the  These springs are replacement firing pin safety springs used in all 80 90 series pistols with firing pin lock  Colt 1911 Series 80 to 70 Frame Filler Tj Custom, US Made With this frame filler you can Bypass the series 80 safety and achieve smoother and  Since 1983, Colt manufactured Mk.IV Series 80 Government model pistols, that featured added firing pin safety. Latest Colt product, M1991A1, also featured  My girlfriend uses a SIG 2nd gen GSR 1911 as her IDPA gun. (I don t consider a Series 80 safety to be a necessary feature it just happens to  Thanks guys My wife actually bought me the grip safety years ago and it was labeled Series 80 . I was ready to take it to the gunsmith, but 

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